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A social media marketing plan For ANY Weird Business To Find Customers in 2023 (Without Posting 3x a day)

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I Want ALL OF US to Save Time + Make Money While Building Our Dream Business

In 3 Months - Together We Will:

  • Overcome Social Media Burnout
  • Build Community with Other Weirdos
  • Attract the RIGHT Clients
  • Feel Confident on Sales Calls
  • Learn to Automate Annoying Tasks

For Magically WeirdWho Feel...

  • Panicked on Sales Calls
  • Confused By Technology
  • Frustrated Trying to Find Customers
  • Writers Block
  • Marketing Fatigue
  • Overwhelmed with Conflicting Advice
  • Lonely while Working From Home
  • BORED with Most Marketing Advice

Why Should I Trust Chuck?

I'm Chuck, the anti-professional professional. I'm a business coach, funnel builder, and magical weirdo who helps under-represented entrepreneurs find their footing in the business world and feel confident in their sales and marketing.

As a neurodivergent queer parent with purple hair and a neck tattoo, I know how it feels to be under-estimated and misunderstood in business. I'm here to change that.

It's my mission to show that you can be weird, happy, and successful - on your own terms.

Online Coach - 7 Years Experience

I got my first coaching certificate in 2016. I was so excited to start my career as a health coach. However, I was shocked at how challenging it was to find clients! I got my second coaching certificate in 2020, and I STILL struggled to find coaching clients. Neither of my (very expensive) coaching programs taught me ANYTHING about sales, marketing, or running a business. I decided to lean on my previous experience to build a successful coaching practice online.


3 Months of Community
+ Video Courses
+ Marketing Templates
+ A sweet T-Shirt (shipping included)

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Imagine Being Excited To...

  • Write Posts That You KNOW Will Connect
  • Have FUN recording your next video
  • Feel confident in your Pricing
  • Talk to QUALIFIED Customers
  • Brainstorm new offer ideas
  • Support other weird businesses
  • Save time + Take More Breaks

✨ Previous Magical Weirdos I've Worked With ✨

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Terra Lyn A.

Coach + Instructor
"Holy Moly Chuck! You've done it again!! Dang, you're a badass. Thank you so much! You're always leaving me with stars in my eyes. 🤩"
Spot On Queer Cleaning

Hunter F.

Home Organizer
"I have so much business that I now hired someone to work for me. So THANK you for believing in me and helping me grow this business that I love!"
Dan Melton Danamor

Dan M.

Fashion Designer
"ORDERS COMING IN! Great job! Only up from here 👏 btw just wanted to say one of my reels is doing a 1000 views an hour!"

For Only $37 - Get 3 Months of:

Scroll-Stopping Content Ideas
Members-Only Community
Sales (Without The Slime) Training
Qualifying Call Scripts
High Ticket Offer Worksheets
Email Campaign Automation Examples
Hashtag + Keyword Research Strategies

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2023 Weird Business Bundle
$ 37.00


It's okay to ask for help! - 50% off 30 Minute Consulting Call w/ Chuck

This course will challenge you to learn more about technical, design, and business skills than anything you've taken before. Because of this, course participants have access to 1:1 Mentorship with Chuck at a reduced rate (don't worry, you can opt in later too!)

Whether you need a cheerleader, a brainstormer, or just an editor to look over your writing - Chuck will be right there by your side to help you over any hurdles. Let's win together!


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    USD $37.00

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